Colleen Hoover

Book List

  1. Hopeless Series:
  • Hopeless(Hopeless #1) –  Fără speranţă
  • Losing Hope(Hopeless #2)
  • Finding Cinderella(Hopeless #2.5)
  1. Slammed Series:
  • Slammed(Slammed #1) – Slam. Din dragoste pentru Layken
  • Point of Retreat (Slammed #2)
  • This Girl(Slammed #3)

3.Never Never Series

  • Never Never(Never Never #1)
  • Never Never: Part Two(Never Never #2)
  • Never Never: Part Three(Never Never #3)
  1. Maybe Series:
  • Maybe Someday(Maybe #1)
  • Maybe Not(Maybe #1.5)

5.Other Books:

About The Author

Colleen Hoover’s love for writing began in 1985 when she was five years old. Her first story was titled „Mystery Bob” and was a huge hit with her mother, who was really good at faking interest. Colleen continued to write short stories for friends and family until December of 2011, when she decided to write a long story she titled, „Slammed.” She self-published SLAMMED to Amazon in January, 2012 and it hit the NYT’s bestsellers list in May, 2012. She has since signed with Atria Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, and now has six NYT’s bestsellers. Colleen prefers to be called a writer, as the term „author” still terrifies her and makes this feel like a job with expectations. She doesn’t work well under pressure and hopes writing will always remain fun and exciting. Colleen’s newest novel, UGLY LOVE, releases August 5th, 2014. She is currently working on a new novel, CONFESS, which she is writing as fast as she can before she wakes up from this crazy dream.

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